about us

Who we are.

Mt Kenya Endangered Wildlife and Environmental Conservation Organization is a non-Profitable organization whose objective is to protect the environment, reduce global warming, contribute to reversing the impacts of climate change, through increasing forest cover across Kenya and protecting endangered animal species. The organization was developed as a shared idea between several founding members and a group of other individuals who were affected by human-wildlife conflict, resulting from the invasion of farmlands by wild animals. However, the vision of the organization expanded as the extent of environmental degradation and impacts of climate change became more apparent.

The main driver for the organization is the belief that this is the only chance we have of saving ourselves. Passionate, experienced, on-the-ground conservationists doing critical work where it’s needed most. Delivering time and expertise, implementing global warming reduction measures, finding and funding equipment, and educating local communities. By forming productive partnerships with our supporters, our partners, and our collaborative network, were having a positive, tangible, and long-lasting impact environmental conservation.

Our Upcoming projects

1. Tree planting
2. Land reclamation
3. Reintegration and rehabilitation of former poachers and pastoralists
4. Elephant Conservation
5. Insect conservation ( bee conservation/bee keeping)
6. Primates habituation and conservation
7. Pets control
8. Farming horticulture
9. Skills development
10. Water supply
11. Marine Life conservation
12. Ornithology and birding project
13. Waste management
14. Conservation Education
15. Fire fighting project

our Mission

Our mission at Mt Kenya Endangered Wildlife and Environmental Conservation Organization is to save Africa’s endangered wildlife through informed, impact-driven projects, thereby enabling broad-scale biodiversity conservation.

our Vision

Our vision is to create an environment where humans and animals can coexist and thrive while benefiting from each other without the destruction of the natural biodiversity.